How to set up an Instagram business account

Just getting started with Instagram for your business? Here we’ll walk you through setting up an Instagram account.

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Setting up an Instagram business account

Setting up an Instagram business account is quick and easy, and there's two ways you can do this. You can either switch a personal account that you have to a business account or you can set up a brand new professional account. So if you already have a professional account that's ideal for you to change to a business account, that's a great way to do it. Otherwise, you can just set up a new one. But where you go to do this is exactly the same in both cases.

Let us walk you through:

  • In your Instagram app click on the top right - the three lines - select Settings and then Account at the bottom, and you will see Options to either add a new professional account or switch to professional account. Select the option you want to go for.

  • Then you are led through several steps, so select the category that best describes your business, add in a phone number, then you add in an email address and profile picture, plus add your website just.

  • Add a bio, so something short and snappy about who you are. You can also add up to links in your bio, so add your website and any other relevant links, as these are what you will direct people to from your posts.

And that's your profile completed, nd yo’;re ready to start sharing great content.

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