Which social media sites should you use?

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It seems that with each passing day there’s another social media site everyone’s talking about, be it a new one or changes to an existing one. Knowing which ones to use for your business can be tricky. You don’t need to be everywhere, you just need to be utilising the ones that work best for your business, your goals, and, of course, your customers.

We break down the social media sites Maybe* supports and what they’re best for, so you can prioritise your efforts in the right places for you.


Facebook is a great place for building a community of your customers through discussions. To get them going it’s best to share offers, photos, videos, links to interesting articles and local events. Make sure you are also using Facebook to respond to customers' comments on your posts to keep the discussion going. Facebook also enables you to target and advertise posts at a local level and if you are looking to invest in social media advertising, it's the best place to do it, as you’ll also be able to advertise to Instagram from here.

Best for: Building a community of customers locally or nationally


X is great for keeping up with news and trends. Posts are shared in chronological order to all your followers, meaning you don't lose visibility on them. Typically X is about short text-based messages though adding an image or a GIF is common to add some personality. X is best used by businesses as a customer service tool so you can have both public and private one-on-one conversations with customers.

Best for: Customer service and conversations


Instagram is a visual-first platform. This means it's best for images, and short videos of products and people. Use your Instagram profile page (grid), for content you want to stick around. Stories allow you to create video and image content which is removed after 24 hours. Instagram is a wonderful tool to build your brand awareness through. The important thing to remember about Instagram is that the quality and the creativity of the images really counts.

Best for: Building or enhancing your brand


LinkedIn is a fantastic B2B messaging and networking tool. It’s also the perfect place to share updates about your company culture and business values. Use LinkedIn to share thought-provoking and interesting news about your business or industry, and bring your expertise to the table.

Best for: Industry networking and expertise


TikTok is great for entertaining and connecting with customers, as it has super-engaged users. If your audience is using TikTok, then you should be too! It is all about short-form, authentic videos, that are creative and engaging.

Best for: Sharing User Generated Content (UGC), building loyal connections through creative content, and having fun.

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