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How can I effectively use hashtags for my business on social media?
How can I effectively use hashtags for my business on social media?

Using hashtags on social media can help increase the visibility and reach of your business, and make your posts more discoverable.

Written by Fran Williams
Updated over a week ago

Using hashtags effectively on social media can help increase the visibility and reach of your business. Here are some tips to help you make the most of hashtags:

Research relevant hashtags:

Identify popular and relevant hashtags in your industry. Make use of Maybe* AI to ensure you are using the right tags for your business, as well as identifying trending and niche hashtags for your sector.

Create branded hashtags:

Consider developing a unique and memorable hashtag for your business. Encourage your followers to use it when posting about your products or services. This helps build brand awareness and community.

Use a mix of broad and specific hashtags:

Combine popular, broad hashtags with more niche and specific ones. This strategy helps you to reach a larger audience while also connecting with people interested in your specific niche.

Location-based hashtags:

If your business is location-specific, use hashtags related to your location. This can help to attract local customers and improve your visibility within your community.

Monitor trending hashtags:

Keep an eye on trending hashtags that are relevant to your business. Participate in conversations around these trends to increase your visibility.

Be mindful of platform-specific practices:

Different social media platforms have different hashtag practices. For example, X (formerly known as Twitter) and Facebook tend to use fewer hashtags than Instagram. Understand the current best practices for each platform in order to maximise your impact.

Create campaign-specific hashtags:

If you're running a specific marketing campaign or event, create a unique hashtag for it. This can help you track engagement related to that particular campaign.

Encourage User-Generated Content (UGC):

Encourage your followers to create content related to your business using your branded hashtag. UGC can be a powerful way to showcase your products or services.

Limit the number of hashtags you use:

While it's considered essential to use hashtags, avoid overloading your posts with them. For most platforms, 2 to 5 relevant hashtags per post is a good suggested range. On Instagram, you can use more (up to a maximum of 30 per post), but don't sacrifice quality for quantity when tagging.

Engage with hashtag communities:

Participate in conversations within hashtag communities. Get involved by liking, commenting, and sharing posts from others using the same hashtags. This engagement can increase your visibility and help you to connect with your target audience.

Analyse your performance:

Regularly review the performance of your hashtags. Understand the reach and engagement of your posts. By analysing this data, you will be able to refine your hashtag strategy over time.

By incorporating these tips into your social media strategy, you can effectively leverage hashtags to enhance your business' visibility and engagement across your chosen platforms.

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