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How to add someone into your Facebook Business Manager
How to add someone into your Facebook Business Manager

A guide on how to add team members and Facebook users to your Business Manager to enable them to manage the page for you.

Written by Fran Williams
Updated over a week ago

Learn how to add someone into your Facebook Business Manager to help you work on your advertising or any aspects of managing your Facebook Business page.

How to add someone to your Facebook Business Manager

  1. Open your menu and click on ‘Business Settings’. In this section, you will be able to find other Facebook users.

  2. Click the blue button and enter the relevant email address for the person you want to add. This does not have to be the email address linked to their Facebook account, it just has to be their own email, that they can access.

  3. Once added, choose the access level you want to give your individual. Employee access will allow the individual to work on assigned accounts and tools. Admin level access will give the individual full control over your business account.

  4. Typically, if you hire someone to work on your advertising, they will need full admin access in order to do their job properly. If the individual simply needs to look at reports or keep an eye on the page, then employee access will be sufficient.

  5. Choose the access level, and click Next.

  6. You may be asked whether you would like to assign assets now, though you can come back to this later - once the individual is in your Business Manager you will be able to click on their name and assign assets there.

  7. Use the toggle to choose whether the individual will need to manage campaigns, view performance or manage a full level. Save your settings by clicking ‘Save changes’, and the individual will then have the access they need in your Facebook Business account.

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