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How to manage and maintain your Facebook business page
How to manage and maintain your Facebook business page

Create the correct user permissions to avoid losing access to your Facebook account.

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Oscar Wilde once said, "Be yourself as everyone else is taken" and this is true with Facebook.

There is an attraction to not using your personal Facebook profile when creating and managing business pages and assets but this could result in you losing access to your business assets forever.

It can be tempting to use a dummy or fake name on a Facebook profile to act as your Facebook account admin. The seeming benefit of this is so that a team can share the login details so no one then has to use their personal Facebook account on the business. But Facebook is actively disabling such accounts and the only way to reinstate a disabled account is to provide Facebook with a valid government-issued ID. If your profile page is based on a fake person or even a company name Facebook will expect you to provide a passport or a driving licence in that user's name. Failure to do so will result in your business page being blocked.

Facebook Business Manager

Facebook has created Facebook Business Manager or Business Suite as you may know it. Access it by going to This tool within Facebook allows you to manage all your assets from pages and ad accounts, to pixels and domains in one place. It also allows you to invite people into your business manager to help you manage your assets with you. You simply invite the person in by any email they use and assign them the page, ad account, pixel etc that you want them to manage or work with. The invited user gets an email invite from Facebook they will need to authenticate their personal account during the process but that is where their personal connection to the business ends.

The screenshot below shows what access to Facebook Business Manager looks like. The grey shield next to the user name denotes that they are a full Admin of this business manager.

Add a team member

To add a new team member just tap the blue Add button, simply type the user's email address and decide if they are going to have employee access or Admin access. Admin access will mean they can also add and remove users from the business manager (a grey shield will be displayed by their name) a business manager for best practice should have at least two admins to prevent being locked out if there is an issue with one of you.

When clicking Next you get to decide which assets within your business manager they will have access to and what level of access which you control via the toggles and then simply tap the blue invite button.

Once the user has accepted the email invite from Facebook (Meta) they will then appear in your business manager.

Now, if ever you experience an issue with an individual's access being disabled, that individual can easily prove to Facebook who they are by submitting relevant documents.
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