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Make your posts more eye-catching and shareable by including photos
Make your posts more eye-catching and shareable by including photos

A guide to taking and using photos on social media

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Visual content is much more eye-catching than just text, and research tells us it’s more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. Photos are a simple way of engaging your audience and introducing your customers to your products, and using pictures allows you to showcase your products and services, and yourself in the best way, and help customers get to know you and your brand.

You don’t have to be a photography pro, it’s more important to be authentic and consistent. Here are some top tips to help you get the most from your images.

1. Consistency

An easy way to ensure consistency in your images is to make sure one person is responsible for the images, or agree to some guidelines on your style. If you want to add your brand logo, brand colours or the type of font you use for text, make sure they stay consistent as well. Consistency in your images will help you build awareness and recognition among your customers.

Acclaimed Mortgage Consultancy in Knowle make sure their branded images are in a consistent style:

2. Get up close

For fashion, beauty, food and even sports, getting close up shots is a great way to show off the detail and technical features of your products. The closer your audience feels to your product, the more likely they will feel they can almost touch it. Close up shots evoke the senses much more strongly and that’s exactly what you want to do to inspire a visit or a purchase.

Marks and Spencer appeal to the senses through colours and textures of their food with their close ups:

3. People power

Using images of yourself or team helps build connection to customers as they get to know the people behind the business. Make sure you always ask for permission from your team members if you're using images of them. Show your team hard at work, happy and welcoming in any image so that customers get a sense of what they can look forward to when they visit or connect with you.

Cheltenham coffee shop The Find feature their friendly team as much as the food they serve:

4. Places and spaces

Sharing images of your place and space gives people more reasons to visit you, and a sneak peek behind the scenes. Whether it's the kitchen of your restaurant, the scenery of your surroundings, your local High Street or the rooms of your B&B; give customers a sense of the experience they’ll get from you.

Calcot and Spa Cotswold Hotel show us just how relaxing and tranquil their spa is:

Want some technical expertise to take your photos to the next level? Get some simple hacks for lighting, composition and background.

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