Here are a few simple tips to help you take high quality photos with your smartphone that are click, comment, and share-worthy.

1. Framing and composition

As a rule, don’t centre everything in the middle of the frame. This might violate your OCD tendencies, but trust us, off-centre is much better. As a guide, follow the rule of thirds which encourages you to divide the photograph in your mind into thirds, and position the subject either in the left or right third of the image. It works like magic. 

Pro tip: you can also turn on the grid feature on your phone give you a guide. Read this article from imore on how to enable grid lines and some other great camera phone tips.

2. Lighting

Where possible, try to use natural light sources such as windows to help brighten your pictures. If you’re shooting a portrait, try to use shaded light to eliminate harsh shadows and if you’re taking photos of people indoors, get then to turn towards the window’s light for a nice soft effect.

3. Background matters

Of course your subject matter in the foreground matters most, but a great background will really make it pop. Suppose you want to take a picture of  some fabulous new shoes in stock. The shoes are the focal point, but you want to select a nice background too. We love this example from online retailer ModCloth.

Background ideas:

  • Go outdoors and find a clear, colourful, or bright background like the side of a brick building
  • Place products on wooden tables, floors, or cutting boards
  • Hang a piece of ironed fabric on a wall to use as a backdrop
  • Find a coloured wall to shoot in front of
  • Use stone, tiles, or rock walls as a background

4. Camera angles

This is such a simple, yet effective trick. Many of the more interesting photos you see on social media are achieved by shooting from an unusual angle.  Try shooting from below or above your subject. Or, try moving to the side and shooting them at an angle versus straight on. Not only will the subject appear more interesting, the background will too.

For more about photos see: Why photos are essential on social media. and Get Visual.

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