Instagram stories are a quick and fun way to engage with your followers. Like Snapchat, the stories only last for 24 hours and come with a wide range of features. 

The beauty of an Instagram story is that you don’t need to spend very long crafting them and they create a ton of engagement.

How to create an Instagram story:

  • Click on the '+' icon in the top right or the '+' on your profile picture.

  • Select 'story' in the selection along the bottom of the screen.

  • Tap the white circle in the middle to take a picture, hold it for a video, or tap the gallery icon in the left corner (or just swipe up) to use existing media on your phone. 

  • Edit your photo or video using Instagram's various editing options.

  • Tap the "Your Story" button to post to your public Story, "Send to" to send it privately to your followers via a Direct Message, or "Save" to download it to your phone for later.

Why not create an Instagram story using a quick video of how lovely your store is looking today to entice potential customers in or even a video of new stock? Get creative and showcase your business!

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