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What are the different advertising objectives and what do they mean
What are the different advertising objectives and what do they mean

Selecting the right advertising objective is crucial for the success of your marketing campaign. We'll walk you through the options here.

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With various options available, understanding each objective and aligning it with your business goals is key. Let us walk you through advertising objectives and how you choose the right one for your business goal.

What objective to choose

This should be based upon what your business goal is. So think about whether you are just looking to generate awareness, or to drive people to a web page, a particular blog or area of your website? Or are you just looking for likes, comments and shares which will reflect well and build out a bit of credibility on your pages. Would you like to build your database to generate please email gathering for you for ongoing sale via email campaigns, do you want to drive sales?

The ODAX view - Objectives

ODAX, or Outcome Driven Ad Experience, presents a streamlined approach with six primary campaign options. This model simplifies the previously available eleven campaign objectives. (If you do not see the ODAX view yet, it'll be coming soon, and you therefore may still see up to 11 campaign objectives for the time being).

Facebook knows the kind of behaviour that different people have a propensity to do, and it literally fishes in the sea for those people. So it’s a great way to reach people with certain interests, by setting audience profile data at the audience level.

1. Awareness campaigns

Ideal for businesses aiming to increase brand visibility, awareness campaigns focus on reaching a broad audience. They are generally used by large brands with substantial budgets and are great for local businesses seeking extensive exposure in a specific area. The aim is to get your brand in the minds of as many people as possible.

2. Traffic campaigns

Traffic campaigns are designed to drive clicks on your ad or direct users to a specific webpage. These campaigns can be optimised for landing page views, ensuring that the audience doesn't just click on the ad but also engages with your website. They can also be tailored for direct messaging through platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp.

3. Engagement campaigns

Engagement campaigns aim to increase interaction with your ads or page, including likes, comments, and shares. This objective boosts your social media presence and credibility, focusing on metrics like page likes and video views, and is all about driving up engagement and generating engagement metrics.

4. Lead generation

Lead generation campaigns are about collecting potential customer information for future conversion. So it might be an instant form where you create a set of questions that you take people through and one of those will be email address, then you provide them with download or an offer code for a e-commerce site for example. There's a little widget that walks you through how to build out your form to create those leads.

5. App promotion

Specifically designed for businesses with an app, this objective focuses on driving app downloads and engagement with app-specific events.

6. Sales campaigns

The ultimate goal for many businesses, sales campaigns, are directed at driving purchases. This requires a Facebook pixel on your website and the setup of conversion events. So if you're an ecommerce business, then you could use for example a plus in on the likes of Shopify or WooCommerce. To run sales campaigns you will need you're going to a conversion event that you can optimise for and then track your results. Sales campaigns are typically the most high-value and expensive campaigns, but are essential for e-commerce businesses.

Choosing the right advertising objective is a critical step in aligning your marketing strategy with your business goals. Whether you aim to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, enhance engagement, generate leads, promote an app, or drive sales, understanding each objective's nuances will help you optimise your campaign for the best results.

So that's a quick walkthrough the six different objective types here at the campaign level.

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