What should I post to best engage my customers?

Post the content your customers like, comment and share the most to increase your engagement and reach. Here are some ideas and tips.

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If you’re wondering what to post to your social media accounts you’ll have way more success in increasing customer engagement (likes, comments, shares and replies) if you post what your customers want to see and hear, rather than just what is a priority for you. Your social media content should be useful, entertaining and relevant.

There is some benefit in trying different things to see what content types engage your audience the most. Check out what other brands in your sector are doing, research organisations you admire, and try out different tactics and approaches. In the meantime, here are some content types you might want to consider.

1. Share your knowledge

You’re an industry expert, so share some helpful tips. This could be generally sharing your expertise, or tips on how to use your products and what problems they may solve. Maybe make a quick video showing them how it's done.

Niche Brow Bar in Glasgow regularly shares expert advice and tutorials:

2. Offer something entertaining

This could be a pop quiz on your products, a super shareable piece of content like a quote or meme, or a competition.

National brands like Boots regularly offer giveaways as an incentive to follow and share:

3. Keep your customers up to date

Your customers follow you because they love your business/products, so keep them up to date with images of new stock/services and news about your business or industry.

Keith Scarrott Shoes share new products alongside ways to wear:

4. Use good quality images

Remember your content will, more often than not, be seen on a mobile. If your images have text in them, make sure it’s easy to read. We have plenty more tips for using images and video, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Franco Manca makes sure its images are top quality to do their pizzas justice:

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