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How to make the most of User Generated Content (UGC)
How to make the most of User Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content is the most organic content you can have

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UGC is the abbreviation of ‘user-generated content’ and is the most organic and trust-building social media content you can have.

TintUp defines user-generated content as:

“Any type of content that has been created and put out there by unpaid contributors or, using a better term, fans.”

Remember the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign where Coca-Cola put people's names on the bottle instead of their logo a few years ago?  Customers were encouraged to share pictures of themselves with their bottles. That was a user-generated marketing campaign. 

So how can you get in on the action?

1. Simply ask your customers to share what they think about your products. Ask questions on your social media channels and share the positive posts and comments on your feed. 

2. Ask customers to tag you in their photos on social media if they have visited or bought from you. You could even incentivise this with a prize draw. Peer-to-peer endorsements are worth their weight in gold on social, as people trust real customers. This is a lovely Brucey bonus for you too, as sharing other peoples' content saves you time creating your own.

3. Do you have Google, Trust Pilot or customer testimonials? If so, share these on your social media feeds.

4. If you've got the budgets or are willing to build a relationship based on mutual reciprocation you could consider working with influencers. Just make sure they are an authentic, relevant partner for your business or brand.

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