Do you always get good levels of engagement on your Instagram posts? Do you successfully start conversations on Instagram and always respond to Instagram comments? If you don't, you should definitely start - it is 'social' media after all! 

By engaging with your followers via your own content, it tells Instagram that your account is active and responsive, which means your content will be shown to more of your followers. Instagram does have a very smart Algorithm - Here’s How it Works (Later).

A few tips to getting more engagement:

  • Aim to trigger a conversation with your followers by asking questions or getting feedback with polls, making sure you mention relevant others when you post. 
  • Post insightful responses to comments and on others posts, and offer recommendations sharing your expertise. 
  • Post quality content consistently - it's definitely quality over quantity on Instagram - and make your content fun and eye-catching by using stickers, posting stories regularly and exploring Instagram's video features. Test different types of content - including a little 'behind the scenes about your team - and use hashtags in your posts to help people find your content.

Give these a try over the next week or so and notice if you get more engagement on any further content you post. 

For other useful tips to get your Instagram rocking, also see How often should you post to Instagram and How to increase your Instagram following.

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