How Ludlow Gin uses reels to increase reach

Have you fully embraced Reels or are you still on the fence? Let us show you how a business leverages them effectively and how you can too.

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Why include Reels?

Reels are the ultimate engagement boosters on Instagram. Video content reigns supreme as the undisputed champion of engagement on this platform. And when it comes to video, it's the snappy, short-form clips that claim the throne as the most captivating content of all.

To learn how to create (ahem) reely good Reels, it helps to look at what others are doing successfully. Here we show you how Ludlow Gin use Reels, with lots of success. We’ll walk you through the approach taken to create their Reels and the different ways they use them.

Types of Reels

Ludlow Gin include a range of Reels in their content mix. From simple Reels like using a series of images or going live at events, to more complex Reels using short sections of video clips to create a montage.

Different types of Reels will have different impact, and Reels are a big part of the strategy for Ludlow Gin. They curate a huge bank of Reels so they are always active with this type of content, and keep them fresh and engaging.

Reels get more engagement that feed posts and videos, hence why Ludlow Gin utilise them to their fullest. The reach is so much more effective, and there are many additional ways in which you can be discovered when you are producing Reels. So they are a great way to appear much higher up in the explore tab on Instagram too. There's also a dedicated Reel tab at the bottom of every Instagram feed for people to consume just Reel content. So you've got three or four additional ways for your content to be seen if you're using Reels, and it's absolutely where Instagram are prioritising the algorithm.

Therefore, if you're not actually producing Reels on a regular basis, you really are at a huge disadvantage on Instagram.

Ludlow Gin were using a lot of video content and getting really good levels of engagement with this, but they have found that nothing is as good as Reels.

While in-feed video content continues to hold its ground as a valuable format, the allure of Reels cannot be ignored. The beauty of in-feed videos lies in their extended format, offering creators a canvas to weave compelling narratives. However, Reels, with their snappy and dynamic nature and great performance, are a must-have ingredient in your content recipe to cast a wider net and captivate a diverse audience.

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