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The latest case studies from Maybe*, showcasing how others can use the platform to improve their results.

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How uses social media to effectively manage increasing customer contactSee how maintained good customer sentiment, with 67% of customer contact and engagement scoring positively.
How Cineworld let its audience create content and drive engagement for themIn the run up to reopening, used customer opinions to help them grow social media engagement by 143%.
How Nando’s prioritise customer engagement over content creation for efficiencyThe much-loved restaurant chain excels at protecting its brand identity and retains an authenticity that drives engagements.
How Doncaster Council entertains locals across social media to grow reach for its essential messagesSee how they've grown their social media audience to 82,000 followers.
How Primark uses social media engagement to build an army of loyal shoppersWith over 1,000 posts between April and August, they generated 7.1 million engagements with their content.
How a local salon drove reach and sales by prioritising growing engagement over followersThey saw an increase of 166% in the amount of content being created about them on social media.
How Putney BID Positively Putney grew the number of its businesses engaging with them by 158% in just six monthsSince January 2021 Putney has seen the amount of businesses creating social media conversations about their business and Putney grow by 42%.
How Vicar Lane Shopping Centre won big for innovation using Facebook MessengerVicar Lane improved its retail and entertainment offering over 18 months, winning them the Revo Gold Award for digital innovation.
From social media zero to hero – the journey of an independent cafe embracing social to grow its audience by 733%By embracing social media the business grew its online audience by 733% and successfully saved 70% of its sales.
How an independent retailer increased sales by over 11,000%One Maybe* customer used smart social media tactics to take their sales far beyond even their own expectations.
A lesson from Aldi in how to engage and entertain customers on social mediaLearn how Aldi engages its audience with entertaining tweets that earn 1000s of engagements, every day
How an indie fashion boutique delivered an additional £18,000 in sales with Facebook adsDenise Law, founder of indie fashion boutique Law & Co, caught our attention with her fantastic Instagram stories.
How Primark uses social media engagement to build an army of loyal shoppersWe show you how Primark excel on social, and how you can replicate their techniques - regardless of your business size or industry
How to use social media to engage customers like a ‘cheeky Nando’s’How Nando's keep their social strategy cheekily simple, to great success in the engagement stakes
How Ludlow Gin uses reels to increase reachHave you fully embraced Reels or are you still on the fence? Let us show you how a business leverages them effectively and how you can too.
See how Reels help you reach up to 80% more peopleWe all know that Reels are the content that Instagram really wants you to see at the moment. Here’s why Reels are worth your time and effort