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Show you care by responding to your customers on social media
Show you care by responding to your customers on social media

Manage your customer feedback, good or bad, in three easy steps.

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If you are going to use social media for your business, you must use it to respond to what customers have to say as well as sharing your own content.

Did you know that 37% of people prefer to use social media to contact a business about a customer service issue? If you are active on social media, then your customers will expect you to respond quickly to feedback. While that might feel scary, especially as it's in a public forum, it needn’t be once you’ve got to grips with it.

1) Acknowledge

Let the customer know you’ve seen the message by liking it.

2) Respond

Reply to the customer with a short message. If it’s positive you might want to say thank you. If it’s negative or a specific enquiry about an order, now’s your opportunity to continue the conversation and take a few more details.

3) Take it offline

Ask them to private message you and move the conversation to a private channel to capture personal details such as order number/address. This protects the customer’s personal information and also allows you to resolve the issue privately.

​4) Tell me more

Embrace feedback! It's a way for you to celebrate what’s working for your customers, and to improve what’s not. As well as responding, you can proactively invite your shoppers to offer feedback. Post a message telling shoppers that they can reach you over social media for a quick response and you’d love to hear what they think. You’ll be surprised by the number of people that take you up on it.

The Conversations module in Maybe* enables you to manage this conversation across all channels seamlessly.

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