Using Instagram Live to boost your business

How to use Instagram Live and why it can have a huge impact on your business' visibility

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Going LIVE on your Instagram channel might be a daunting prospect, but it’s actually a really useful tool for your organisation.

A live broadcast can really boost your engagement with your followers, thereby moving you up the priorities for the algorithm, and increase your visibility. When you begin a live session, Instagram sends out a push notification to your followers, reminding them that you are going live, so that they can join you.

For example… Have you got a new product to promote? Drop lots of hints in your stories and on your grid, then do the reveal live. Let your followers access the hottest new products on your site!

Alternatively, are you considering hosting a Q&A? Get your followers to send in their burning questions by a set date, then switch that camera to selfie mode and answer them all! You can also respond to questions and comments as you go along - people joining your live broadcast can react in the moment and really get involved! You could also host an interview with an influencer or expert, having invited your followers to send in queries or requests.

How about taking your followers behind the scenes at an event - live - the possibilities really are endless!

Once you’ve finished your live broadcast, tap the ‘save button to export it to your library.

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