Google Search Ad Targeting
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There are 8.5 billion searches per day on Google Search, and your customers are looking for what you offer!

Here's a simple guide and video tutorial to help you get started:

1. Keywords

- Use our ChatGPT integration to enter prompts, and we'll recommend keywords tailored to your business. These keywords are designed to help you target your audience effectively and make the most of your budget.

- Review the recommended keywords and feel free to edit or add your own targeting keywords. Make sure your keywords are closely related to ensure relevance. For example, if you're a jewellery repair shop, focus on keywords related to jewellery repair, not broad terms like "beauty and value."

2. Location

- You have the flexibility to target your ads globally or within a specific radius of your business location. Choose the option that best suits your target audience.

- If you serve a local market, consider adding "near me" to relevant keywords. Statistics show that 1 in 3 "near me" searches result in a purchase, making this a valuable addition to your targeting strategy.

3. Multiple Ads for Different Themes

- Rather than cramming all keywords into a single ad, use our AI-powered platform to create multiple ads with different themes.

- Monitor their performance, pause underperforming ads, and allocate more budget to the ones that yield better results. This approach allows you to fine-tune your advertising strategy and maximise your ROI.

With these simple steps and our recommendation tools, you'll be well on your way to effectively reaching your target audience with Google Search Ads.


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