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How to create a Facebook Ad Account

Posting organically (for free) is not enough to guarantee people see your content, you now need to ‘pay to play’ on Facebook and Instagram

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Facebook advertising can drive immediate results in revenue, sales and leads for your business as well as help you grow your followers and engagement.

While we’d all love to think we can use social media to reach thousands of customers for free, the reality is different. Not all content you post is going to have that explosive, viral impact we long for but Facebook advertising does ensure you reach more customers. And it doesn’t need to be expensive, Facebook Ads offers one of the cheapest forms of advertising in the marketplace. But to get started you'll need an Ads Manager account on Facebook

Before you can get going with Facebook and Instagram Ads, you’ll need a Facebook Business Page and to set up your Facebook Ads Manager. Here we show you how.

Once you have your Ad Account ready to go you'll be able to connect your Ad account to Maybe* so you can boost your posts and report on your ads in one place.

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