How Maybe* protects your data
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‘Because your data and privacy are so important, we wanted to let you know that when you share your information with us, that we are responsible for it. We take this obligation very seriously indeed.’

Polly Barnfield OBE, CEO and Founder of Maybe

Maybe* ensures that we collection only the basic information required to deliver the services for clients.

Maybe* ensures network and email protection that filters out spam, malware and dangerous file types.

Maybe* trains employees to be suspicious of emails, especially those that contain attachments, and to report any unusual emails or attachment behaviour to IT.

Maybe* utalises cloud systems for all of its data management and has no capability to integrate with physical remote storage devices.

Maybe* runs Intrusion detection system and monitors the networks continuously.

Data is transmitted, and stored stored encrypted to ensure it remains unaccessible. Data backups are made daily and remain encrypted, in off-site locations.

For full details please read our privacy policy:

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