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Understanding social media account tokens expiry and reconnection on Maybe* platform
Understanding social media account tokens expiry and reconnection on Maybe* platform

Why has my social token expired?

Written by Danni Harris
Updated over a week ago

Maybe* seamlessly integrates with your social media accounts using access tokens provided by the respective social media platforms. These tokens serve as keys, allowing Maybe* to access specific data and provide you with valuable insights. When these access tokens expire or become invalid your social accounts will disconnect from the Maybe* platform. This means you will need to reconnect your social account to the Maybe* platform. This process ensures continuous access to insights while respecting the security measures implemented by social networks.

Why do Social Media account tokens expire?

1. Security measures:

Social media platforms implement security measures to protect user data and privacy. One such measure involves the use of access tokens that grant third-party applications limited access to specific user information. To maintain a secure environment, these access tokens have a predetermined lifespan, after which they expire.

The following behaviours are likely to get flagged and should be avoided as a best practice:

  • Using alias usernames that don’t appear to be real names.

  • Logging in with the same account credentials from different IP addresses. In other words, sharing logins between users or devices.

  • Publishing content that gets flagged for copyright violations or other inappropriate content.

2. Access control:

Token expiration is part of access control mechanisms enforced by social media platforms. By setting an expiration period, platforms can regularly prompt users to review and renew their connections, ensuring they maintain control over the apps and services that access their accounts.

3. User consent:

To adhere to privacy regulations and user consent principles, social media platforms require users to periodically reaffirm their approval for third-party applications to access their data. Token expiration serves as a mechanism to prompt users to reconfirm their consent.

4. Changes to account settings that result in disconnection:

Maybe* relies on the settings maintained in each social network. Making changes in a social network can result in your account disconnecting from Maybe*. Here are some changes that cause disconnections:

  • Change in Username or Password:

    • If you change your username or password for a social account connected to Maybe*, the account will disconnect. For example, if you change your password for your Facebook account, your Facebook account will disconnect from Maybe*.

  • Revoking Maybe Access:*

    • Social accounts have settings listing apps with permission to connect. If Maybe* is manually revoked access from the social account settings, your account disconnects from Maybe*.

  • Loss of Admin Status or Access:

    • If the user who added a social account to Maybe* loses their Admin status or access to a Page or group, the account disconnects from Maybe*.

5. Token lifespans for each social network:

Tokens from each social network can have built-in expiration dates, aligning with the authentication policies of each platform. Disconnection can be expected based on these token lifespans:

  • Variable Expiration Dates:

    • Tokens may have different lifespans for each social network, ensuring that access to information is not granted indefinitely.

  • Policy Compliance:

    • Maybe* adheres to the token lifespans set by social networks, respecting their policies and ensuring secure and controlled access.

Why reconnect to the Maybe* platform?

1. Continuous access:

The Maybe* platform provides users with valuable insights and analytics related to their social media accounts. Reconnecting your social media accounts ensures a continuous flow of data and allows Maybe* to provide you with up-to-date information, analysis, and recommendations.

2. Enhanced security:

By requiring users to reconnect their social media accounts, Maybe* maintains a high level of security. This practice ensures that only authorised users with current and valid access tokens can utilise the platform, reducing the risk of unauthorised access.

How to reconnect your social media accounts on Maybe* platform:

  1. Log into Maybe* platform:

    • Visit the Maybe* platform and log in with your credentials.

  2. Navigate to Social Planner settings:

    • Select 'Marketing' and then select Social Planner and look for the cog icon.

  3. Find the expired accounts:

    • These are easily identified by "expired' in the token column

  4. Reconnect accounts:

    • Follow the provided prompts to reconnect your social media accounts. This may involve logging into your social media accounts to generate new access tokens.

  5. Authorise Maybe* Platform:

    • Grant Maybe* the necessary permissions and authorisations to access your social media data.

  6. Complete the Process:

    • Follow any additional instructions provided by Maybe* to complete the reconnection process successfully.

To set up your email notifications so that you get notified when your social tokens are about to expire:

  1. Log into your Maybe* account

  2. Navigate to marketing

  3. Access social planner

  4. Select the 'cog' settings icon

  5. Access Notifications

  6. Choose Team Members:

  7. Save preferences

Understanding why social media account tokens expire and the necessity of reconnecting on the Maybe* platform is crucial for maintaining a secure and efficient user experience. By regularly reconnecting your accounts, you ensure continuous access to valuable insights while adhering to the security and privacy measures implemented by both social media platforms and Maybe*. If you encounter any difficulties during the reconnection process, please use our blue chat button.

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