Connecting Sendgrid to Email Services

Connecting Sendgrid to Email Services

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Here is a quick way to set-up sendgrid as a email service provider. Before connecting it to the CRM, a few steps will need to be completed on the Sendgrid account.

Go to API Keys Section

Login to your Sendgrid account and navigate to "Settings" on the left navigation bar, and then select "API Keys".

Click Create API Key

Setting up API Key

1. Give your API key a name.

2. Select Full Access, Restricted Access, or Billing Access. If you are selecting Restricted Access, or Billing Access, select the specific permissions to give each category. For more information, see API key permissions.

3. Click Create & View.

Copy API Key

This API Key will need to be used as a Password for the sendgrid connection. Click on the code and it will automatically copy the entire code. Copy your API key somewhere safe. For security reasons, do not put it directly in your code, or anywhere that can be publicly accessed.

Setting up Sendgrid inside of the CRM

Now that you have copied the API code from sendgrid account, go back to to the email services area of the CRM settings section. There you can click on "Add service" option for next steps.

Click on SMTP provider option and select Sendgrid from the dropdown menu

Configuring SMTP settings

  1. Select Sendgrid from the dropdown menu.

  2. Add username as "apikey"

  3. Add the email address you wish to use to setup the CRM location.

  4. Paste the API Key copied from the sendgrid account.

  5. Save the settings.

Sendgrid Connected

This is what your screen will look like after you have successfully connected your sendgrid account with your CRM. Remember to select Sendgrid as a default provider.

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