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Finding Call Recordings In Conversations
Finding Call Recordings In Conversations

Finding Call Recordings In Conversations

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To listen to a call recording with a particular contact, open up the conversation timeline with that contact. To do so you search for the contact's name in the search bar. Once you've found the contact you can scroll through the conversation timeline to find & listen to any call recordings. Simply click play. You can also download the recording and keep it for your records
The conversation timeline shows the most recent activity first. So if you have just finished a phonecall with your contact, that recording will be the very first thing that you'll see.

Finding Call Recordings Under Call Reporting

Instead of locating each individual call recording under conversations, you can find them all under the Reporting Tab > Call Reporting.
On the left-hand side click "Reporting" & then at the top click "Call Reporting"

Listen To Call Recordings

Here you'll find a log of your Latest Phone Calls. It details the:

  • Date

  • Name

  • Phone Number

  • Whether the call was answered

  • Whether it was a first-time caller

  • Call Duration

On the left side of each log, you'll notice a down carrot. When you click on that it reveals the call recording. Now from one screen you can go down the list and listen to all of your call recordings.

PRO TIP: Listening to call recordings is especially helpful as a quality check if you have employees or other teammates handling communication.

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