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Manage the important settings of your website

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The settings tab lets you manage the important settings of your website such as naming or editing the name of your website, connecting the domain to your website, connecting the tracking code, etc.

Settings Menu

Here you can manage the setup of the website.

Settings Info

Click on this icon to get more information about your website URL. This URL of your website takes the visitors to the first page of your website. You can use this URL to generate traffic to your website.


Here you can name the website or make the changes to the website name.


After setting up the website, you will have to connect your website setup to the domain for it to go live. Paste your domain URL in the "Domain" tab.


Here you can set the default path for your website.

Favicon URL

"Favicon" is the little icon/logo (usually your business logo) that shows on the side of your web browser.

To add Favicon to your funnel, you can paste the favicon URL in the provided field box. This will automatically add a URL to your .png or .ico favicon image for ALL your pages inside your Funnel.

Head Tracking Code

Here you can paste the head tracking code for your website.

Body Tracking Code

Here you can paste the body tracking code of your website.

Payment Mode

When you have a fully functional website that is ready for the payments, you will just turn the payment mode on. If you want to test this function yourself, keep the payment mode off and give it a test run. Your card will not be charged when the payment mode is "off".

Chat Widget

You can turn the chat widget on or off depending on your objective.

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