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How to build websites, funnels, and forms
How to build websites, funnels, and forms

All content related to building website sites, funnels, forms & surveys from within the Maybe* platform.

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How To Add A 2-step Order Form To A Funnel1-step & 2-step order forms are very useful when it comes to creating checkout pages for any products you're advertising.
Content AIContent AI helps generate 10X faster, more effortless and better Content.
ColumnsIn the column editing step of your design, you have total control over how many columns to include in a Row.
RowsOnce you've selected a section, it's time to head to the Row setting.
SectionsWhen you're looking at the funnel builder, you will notice a sections button.
Manage SettingsYou can manage the existing section when you click on the "Manage" option.
Funnel Builder Overview & SettingsThe Editor section of a Funnel or Website enables you to create and modify your pages.
ElementsThe Element section is the final & crucial step in the editing process. It is where you can select a wide range of different element types
HeadlineHeadline allows you to have your text in Bold form and can be used as headings on a page.
ParagraphThe Paragraph can be used to type in sentences or the body of a page.
Sub-HeadlineSub-Headline can be used to type in the sub-headings of a page.
Bullet ListBy utilising bullet lists, you can present information in a clear, concise manner that effectively engages your audience.
Blog PostA blog post is an essential part of any content marketing strategy.
FormIncorporating a form into your webpage is an uncomplicated procedure.
ButtonYou can customise the button's appearance and functionality to align with your design goals.
VideoThe video element enables you to seamlessly integrate videos into your funnel or website from a variety of sources including YouTube & Vimeo
ImageYou can incorporate an image into your page.
FAQFAQs or Frequently Asked Questions, give customers the power to get the help they need quickly and easily.
Custom JS/HTMLThe custom JS/HTML element empowers you to integrate your personalised code into your webpage.
CalendarReady to get organised and add your calendar events to your page?
MapYou can use the "Map" Element when you want to include your Business location in your website.
SVGThe General Settings feature displays the default name/title of the currently selected Edit option.
ReviewsTo access your reviews, it is necessary to integrate your respective Google and Facebook accounts with our platform.
CountdownWhen you have a promotion that runs for a set period of time, make sure to add a Countdown timer!
Minute TimerIncorporating the Minute Timer element into your funnel page offers an easy method for embedding a timer on your site.
Day TimerIncorporating the Day Timer element into your funnel page is an excellent strategy.
Navigation MenuThe navigation menu element will add a navigation menu to the top of your funnel page.
Progress BarIntegrating a progress bar into your funnel or website is an effective way to visually display the user's advancement through the content.
1-Step Order FormUsing this element is a great way to obtain shipping details regarding your customer, along with other useful information.
Order ConfirmationThe Order Confirmation element allows you to add an order confirmation to your funnel page.
Image FeatureThe Image Feature element allows you to add an image with a headline and text element.
2-Step Order FormYou can use this element to get the shipping details of your customer and some other information.
SurveyIf you already have a Survey created, you can easily incorporate it into your page.