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Chat widget window is what visitors will see if they click to chat.

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Edit Widget Window

Now let's move on to the actual chat widget window and what the visitor will see if they click to chat.

Preview Window

This is a preview of what your website chat widget window will look like. As you customise your chat widget, you can see the changes happening in real-time here as a preview.

Header Text

Here you can customise the text shown in the top section of the chat widget. This is usually a prompt of some kind or your company name.

Intro Message

This piece of text is the message shown at the top of the chat window, as though it were your representative speaking. We recommend asking a question or telling the visitor to leave their contact information.

Email Field

If you'd like to collect an email from the visitor looking to chat, you can enable the email field here.

Legal Message

All communication coming from this chat widget is either text or email, so you will need to add a legal disclaimer so your website visitors know they will be contacted with the information they share.

Custom Colour

Here you can change the colour of your chat widget to better match your website or brand colours.

Agency Branding

Choose whether or not to show your branding in the footer of the chat widget.

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