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Review Management Settings

Be sure to adjust your SMS and Email message before you start sending out Review Requests to your contacts.

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The Reputation tab includes a Reputation Management section that allows users to customise the appearance of their review requests and display their company's reviews using an engaging website widget. Create a review link to send to customers and customise your SMS and email to personalise your review requests.

Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access to all of the components.

Send Manual Review Requests

You can send review requests automatically using workflows, campaigns, and triggers, or you can send them manually to individual contacts by clicking on the "Send Review Request" button.

Sending Manual Review Requests

Once you click the "Send Review Request" button, you'll need to input the contact's information. You will need to add their name, and either a valid email address or phone number to send the review request.

Custom Google Review Link

With the Custom Google Review Link feature, users can create a distinct, measurable link and share it with customers, directing them straight to your company's Google review page.

To generate a new link, users only need to click the 'Generate Link' button.

Review Request Behaviour

The behaviour of review requests can be customised based on user preference. Users can choose between sending review requests instantly and just once or scheduling them based on their specific needs.

Customise Review SMS

In the "Customize Review SMS" section, users have the option to modify their review request SMS to better align with their company's messaging.

To activate custom SMS messages, users can toggle the switch.

Preview SMS Changes

Users can view real-time previews of any changes made to the SMS in the Preview SMS Changes section.

Add SMS Image

If you'd like to use an image in your SMS, you can turn on that feature here.

When you are ready to add an image to your SMS, click this button to upload your image.

Customise SMS Message

This is the body of the SMS message. To customise, simply start typing!

Customise Review Email

Users can customise their review request emails to align better with their company's messaging in the "Customize Review Email" section.

To enable custom email messages, users can toggle the switch.

Preview Email Changes

All changes you make to your new custom email can be previewed here in real-time as you make adjustments!

Change Preview Type

If you want to view this custom email in different screen types, you can select from laptop, tablet, or mobile here.

Customise Email

1. Email Subject

Customise the subject of your review request email in order to grab your customer's attention in their email inbox!

2. Email Header

The "Heading" is already formatted so that it's large and visible to your customer when they open this email. You can customise the text of the heading here.

3. Email Body

Make sure you add a great email body but make it short and sweet! When requesting a review, you don't want your customer to lose focus or interest.

4. Positive Answer

You can trigger automation based on a "positive reply" that is sent back from your customer. You can customise that reply here.

Maximum Retries

You can also assign a maximum number of retries so the system does not continuously send this email forever.

Website Review Widget

If you want to add your awesome company reviews to your website, you can customise a website widget here to do so!

Website Review Widget Preview

Like the SMS and email preview windows, as you make changes to this widget, you can view the changes in real-time here!

Change Preview Type

If you want to view this website widget on different screen types, you can select from laptop, tablet, or mobile here.

Customise Website Review Widget

1. Review Widget - Header

You can customise the header text here. Something like "Amazing Customer Reviews" would probably work great!

2. Review Widget - Title Color

You can give your Title a custom colour to match your company colour scheme.

3. Review Widget - Rating Color

You can even change the colour of the star rating by selecting a custom colour here.

4. Review Widget - Background Color

You can also customise the background colour of your widget to match your company colour scheme.

5. Review Widget - "Powered By"

If you'd like to remove the "powered by" text on your widget, you can do so here.

Review Widget - Embed Code

In order to add this widget to your website, you would need to paste this HTML code on a web page. If you have built your website in this system, you can simply add it by dragging it into the page as an element.

Send After Check-In

Choose when to send this SMS/Email after your customer "checks in". You have a few pre-defined options, you can either send the message immediately, in listed hours or you can choose "custom" to set your own timeframe.

Repeat SMS/Email

This process can be automated, and you can choose to repeat this SMS/Email message over the course of a number of days if you choose. Here you have a few different pre-defined options, or you can add your own "custom" timeframe.

This automation will stop as soon as the intended contact clicks on the links in the SMS/Email.

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