To access your reviews, it is necessary to integrate your respective Google and Facebook accounts with our platform.

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Manage Reviews

In this particular section, you will find a comprehensive collection of both Google and Facebook reviews pertaining to your company.

To access these reviews, it is necessary to integrate your respective Google and Facebook accounts with our platform. Once linked, you can conveniently view all customer feedback in one centralised location, making it easier to monitor and manage your company's online reputation.

NOTE: Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access to all of the components.

Send Manual Review Requests

You can send review requests automatically using workflows, campaigns, and triggers, or you can send them manually to individual contacts by clicking this button.

Sending Manual Review Requests

Once you click the "Send Review Request" button, you'll need to input the contact's information. You will need to add their name, and either a valid email address or phone number to send the review request.

No Requests Yet

If your see the 'No Reviews Yet' message, it means that you need to gather company reviews on either Facebook or Google to access this section fully. Before sending review requests, you can customise your appearance and messaging by navigating to the Reputation Management section in the CRM settings.

However, if you do not see this message, you can continue your current guided tour seamlessly.

Search For Reviews

In case you have a large number of reviews or are seeking a review from a specific customer, you can take advantage of the search bar feature. By simply entering the customer's name, you can quickly locate their review among the rest. This convenient tool allows you to efficiently manage and analyse individual customer feedback, helping you to better understand their experiences and enhance your products or services accordingly.

Review Card

Customer reviews will be displayed in an aesthetically pleasing card format, featuring essential information such as the reviewer's name, their given star rating, the date the review was submitted, and any additional comments they may have shared. This layout allows for a visually organised and easy-to-read presentation of user feedback.

Reviewer Info

The name of the reviewer, along with the star rating of their review, can be found in the top left corner of the review card.

Date Submitted

You will find the date this review was submitted in the right corner of the review card.

Delete Review

Adjacent to the submission date, you are presented with the choice to remove this particular review from your CRM system. It is important to note that deleting the review will only eliminate it from the CRM and not from the original platform, such as Facebook or Google, where the customer initially shared their feedback.

Review Body

In order to access the complete feedback provided by the customer, simply take a look at the main content area of the review card, where you will find their detailed opinion and experience with your business.

Respond To Review

It is advisable to address both positive and negative reviews received by your business. To engage with a review, simply type your well-crafted response in the designated area and click the "Respond" button to submit your reply. This approach demonstrates your company's commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Comment Count

Utilising the compact counter symbol, you can effortlessly view the total number of comments that have been posted on a specific review.

Filter Review List

You can filter their review list by selecting any of the available drop-down elements and choosing a category to filter. This feature is ideal if you only want to view reviews with a specific star rating, such as 4+ stars, or only view reviews with less than 3 stars to address customer concerns.



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