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One of your CRM’s high-powered features is its ability to integrate with many other platforms, such as Google, Facebook, and more.

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Our software provides powerful and secure integrations with popular platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram and Stripe. With it, you can reach more users and expand the possibilities of your business. It's simple too! All you need to do is link these platforms to this software in just a few clicks using the built-in integration settings.


With the Google integration, you will be able to connect your Google My Business page, as well as your Google Analytics account and Google Ads account. By integrating Google, you will be able to access and respond to Google My Business messages and track your Google Ads performance.


With the Facebook and Instagram integration, you will be able to connect your Facebook business and Instagram accounts. By integrating Facebook and Instagram, you will be able to quickly respond to messages from inside the CRM as well as track your Facebook ads.

Microsoft Outlook

By linking your Outlook account with your CRM system, you can synchronize your Outlook Calendar to manage bookings and appointments seamlessly. Connecting your Outlook account to your CRM ultimately improves productivity by enabling easy access and coordination of your calendar events.

Zoom Meetings

Incorporating your Zoom account into your scheduling process enables a more efficient organization of virtual meetings. By connecting your Zoom account with your calendar bookings, you can easily plan and oversee online meetings. This integration not only simplifies the creation of virtual appointments but also guarantees that all attendees receive the essential meeting details.

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