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Your settings

Discover everything related to the global settings of our platform for your company and your team.

Settings: ProfileCustomise and manage your personal account settings
Business ProfileOverview of the company settings tab in your account settings management area
Settings: Team ManagementHow to add or remove users from your account
Settings: PipelinesCreate, manage and organise pipelines to start making profits.
Settings: Phone Numbers
Stripe IntegrationConnect your Stripe account in just a few clicks
Setting Up Root DomainsIn this article, we'll show you how to set up a root domain
Setting Up Sub-DomainsIn this article, I'll show you how to set up subdomains.
Setting Up Shopify IntegrationHere we will cover the steps needed to connect Shopify store. Shopify integration allows you to manage your store from inside of the CRM.
How To Use Custom ValuesCustom values are helpful as they allow you to use specific values at various points within your CRM.
TikTok Ads Account IntegrationWith this guide, we'll walk through integrating your TikTok business account, and how to set up your TikTok Lead Ads workflow.
Audit Log / Real-Time Event CommunicationAudit Log / Real-Time Event Communication
How To Add A Custom FieldWith our platform, you can easily design surveys and forms that meet any unique objective in mind
What Are Custom Fields?Custom fields are used to capture any information you would like to collect from a customer through your surveys or forms.
TagsThe tags section of your CRM holds a powerful feature - contact tag management
Custom ValuesYou can create your own custom values as per your requirements
Add Custom ValueYou'll open a popup tailor made for naming and customising each value according to the specifics of your work
User NotificationsYou can manage your preferences for the notifications that appear on the CRM dashboard.
Conversation AIHarness the power of our AI-driven automation to enhance your customer engagements
Facebook Form Fields MappingThis article will show you how to map your Facebook form in your CRM via Facebook Form Fields Mapping
URL Redirects OverviewIn this article, we will see how to create URL redirects for old or removed web pages
Understanding incremental usage chargesUnderstanding incremental charges in Business+ and Enterprise Plans
Maybe* Pay-Per-Use Charges Breakdown:A detailed explanation of each charge point in the Maybe* pay-per-use billing for Business+ and Enterprise plans