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Facebook Form Fields Mapping
Facebook Form Fields Mapping

This article will show you how to map your Facebook form in your CRM via Facebook Form Fields Mapping

Written by Danni Harris
Updated over a week ago

Running Facebook lead-generation ads can help your business expand, but it's important to ensure that the information from those ads is easily transferred to your CRM. Mapping out the process correctly can allow your application to automatically pull the details from each Facebook form and add them into your CRM storage system.

Form Name

Upon selecting the appropriate CRM location, you will be presented with a list of Facebook forms associated with the connected Facebook account.

Page Name

The display presents the Facebook page linked to each form in the list, providing a clear overview of the connections between the forms and their respective pages.


Once you have successfully mapped the Facebook form fields with your CRM, you can activate this toggle switch. This enables seamless data transfer between the two platforms. However, if you need to make any modifications to the form fields in the future, you can simply turn off the toggle, make the necessary changes, and then reactivate it when you're ready.

Mapping Status

Once your form has been accurately mapped and is functioning seamlessly, a green tick mark will appear as a visual representation of its successful setup.

Editing the settings

Utilising the Edit option enables you to alter the settings for the Facebook form fields that have been mapped to your CRM platform.

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