Map Facebook Fields

When you don't have any existing Facebook form fields mapped already, you will need to select this option to map the Facebook form fields.

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If you don't have any Facebook form fields mapped already, mapping these fields is essential for success. It's important to create the required custom fields within the CRM's custom fields area prior to beginning the mapping process.

Form Fields

Displaying the fields from your Facebook form allows you to view and manage the various data input elements within the form.

Select Field

In this section, you will see the fields from your CRM platform that need to be mapped with the corresponding fields in your Facebook form. Pay close attention to the bottom three fields in the screenshot provided, where the Email field from the Facebook form is accurately mapped to the Email option in your CRM system. By correctly aligning these fields, you ensure a seamless transfer of data between the two platforms.

Save the Settings

Making sure these settings are exactly as you want them is important for efficient and successful use of Form Fields. That’s why every time you have made changes, it’s relevant to click 'Save'.

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