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URL Redirects Overview
URL Redirects Overview

In this article, we will see how to create URL redirects for old or removed web pages

Written by Danni Harris
Updated over a week ago

With URL redirects tool, you can redirect traffic from any URL on a hosted domain to any other URL.

If you're looking to reroute your web traffic from one URL to another within a hosted domain, our URL redirects tool is the perfect solution for you! This user-friendly and efficient tool simplifies the process of redirecting visitors, ensuring a seamless experience when navigating through your website.

Adding a Redirect

This tab will take you to the "Add Redirect" page where you can setup URL redirection.

Add Redirect

Here you will be able to set up your redirect settings.

Selecting a Domain

Here you will see the list of domains connected to your CRM location. Select the domain which you want to redirect from the dropdown.


Enter the URL path that you are looking to redirect.

Redirect Type

Here you can select the type of redirect such as Funnel, Website & URL.

Target URL

Enter the new URL where you would like the existing domain's URL to be redirected.

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