Funnels Overview

You are able to create a funnel within the system without coding or programming knowledge. The system allows you to create landing pages.

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Create & Edit Sales Funnels

Within this section, you have the ability to incorporate sales funnels for your marketing campaigns or develop new ones to support your promotional efforts. These funnels can vary in length and be employed in numerous ways to effectively market your products and services. However, you'll first need to establish funnel steps before adding elements like products to a sales funnel.

It's worth noting that you can create and modify the content of entire funnels without connecting a domain. Nevertheless, to publish your funnels online and make them accessible to the public, you must first establish a connection with a domain

NOTE: Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access to all of the components.

Funnel List

When you visit the Funnels page, you will see a list of already existing funnels and folders.

Search Funnels By Name

If you have a long list of sales funnels, searching by name may be faster than scrolling to find the particular funnel you're looking for.

Funnel Card

This card shows important information about your sales funnel including funnel name, when it was last updated, and how many steps there are in the funnel.

Funnel Name

This is the name of your funnel. This can be edited inside the funnel's settings from inside the funnel.

Last Edited

You can see the date and time the funnel was last updated. It helps keep tract of the latest edits made in the funnel.

Total Funnel Steps

You can also see how many total funnel steps are inside each funnel.


Clicking this little icon will open a small menu with a few different funnel actions.

  1. Edit Your Funnel

Clicking this button will allow you to edit your funnel. You can edit settings and individual pages and add or remove pages from your funnel.

  1. Duplicate Funnel

Duplicating a funnel is a very easy way to quickly reproduce a funnel while maintaining all the work previously put into that funnel.

Once duplicated, you can edit any part of the funnel that needs to be changed.

  1. Move Folder

If you have folders created in your funnel section, you can move a funnel across folders.

  1. Delete Funnel

You can delete a funnel by clicking on the "delete" button. The selected item will be permanently deleted from your account; you will be asked to type the word "DELETE" into the provided field.

NOTE: Once you delete, this action cannot be reversed.

Create New Folder

To create a new folder, click on the Create Folder button. A popup will appear where you can name the folder and save it.

Create New Funnel

If you want to create a new funnel, click the blue New Funnel button.

Name and Create a Funnel

You will be directed to name the funnel, and then once you hit the "Create" button, it saves the funnel. Then click on the newly created funnel name in the funnel list to start building.

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