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To incorporate an XML sitemap into a domain within your CRM, first head to the Settings section. From there, select Domain on the left-hand side menu. Next, locate the specific domain you'd like to add the sitemap to, and click on the XML sitemap option adjacent to it. By adding an XML sitemap, you can enhance your website's search engine optimisation and improve its overall visibility.

Sitemap Generator

When you click on XML sitemaps, it will open a popup with the sitemap generator that will show you any websites or funnels attached to the domain that you can select or deselect. If you open up a funnel or website, it’ll show you the pages within it and you can select or deselect the pages you want included in the sitemap. Hit the green Proceed button and you will be able to add in custom URLs to your sitemap which is great for if you’re using drop-in blogs that dynamically generates pages using URL parameters and you want to make sure each post gets indexed by Google.

Custom URLs

The custom URLs section is completely optional depending on your use-case. Once you’re ready to move on to the next step, click the green Generate button and the site map will be generated. Click on the green Okay button, and a page will open up with your XML sitemap for you to view. The URL in the popup is all you need to add to your Google Search Console account to let Google know you want them to look at your pages.

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