Order Placed

This trigger is used when you have a workflow or series of actions to be performed when someone places an order through your Shopify store.

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The Order Placed trigger is utilised for creating workflows or a sequence of actions when a customer places an order through your Shopify store. Use this workflow trigger to then send internal notifications to team members to notify them of placed orders.

To activate this trigger, users can click on Add New Workflow Trigger, select Order Placed, and click Add Filters to further customise the trigger.


Cart Value

The Cart Value filter is designed to enable users to select a cart value with specific customisations. Once instructions such as cart value is greater than $500 are provided, the trigger will activate. Users can interpret symbols within the CRM:

  1. != : "is not equal to"

  2. < : "is less than"

  3. <= : "is less than or equals to"

  4. == : "is equals to"

  5. > : "is greater than"

  6. >= : "is greater than or equals to"

  7. is empty

  8. is not empty

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