Workflow Triggers
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Order PlacedThis trigger is used when you have a workflow or series of actions to be performed when someone places an order through your Shopify store.
Order FulfilledThe Order Fulfilled trigger is used to create workflows and perform a series of actions when an Shopify order has been fulfilled
Workflow TriggersThe Workflow trigger is a function that activates a particular action or series of actions based on one or more predefined events.
Custom Date ReminderThe Custom Date Reminder trigger will trigger the workflow on a specific date that you have set up
Note AddedThe Note Added trigger activates a workflow when a note is attached to a contact.
Note ChangedThis workflow triggers fires only when note changes in the contact record.
Task AddedThe Task Added trigger is utilised when there are one or more actions to be carried out after a task is created in the system.
Contact CreatedThis allows you to cause something to happen when a contact record is created. It is fairly limited but still useful.
Contact ChangedThis allows you to cause something to happen when something is changed on a contact record. It is fairly limited but still useful.
Call StatusWith Call Status trigger you can cause events to happen within your system such as send you a text when a call comes in but doesn't connect
Appointment Status (Triggers)When you want to trigger a workflow based on a change of appointment status, simply use the appointment status trigger.
Contact DNDThis trigger can be used to sense either when a DND status is changed or when it is changed to a particular setting.
Customer RepliedThe "customer replied" workflow trigger runs when an incoming message is received from a contact.
Contact Tag (Trigger)This allows you to cause something to happen when a contact tag is added or removed. It is fairly limited but still useful.
Stale Opportunities (trigger)If you have a contact list which has contacts that are old & have gone stale, you can reignite them by using the Stale Opportunities trigger
Birthday ReminderThis trigger is great for adding that personal touch to your automated efforts within the software.
Workflow Builder - Contact TriggersWorkflow triggers are similar to conditional statements which allow you to automate repetitive tasks.
Form SubmittedThe Form Submitted workflow trigger will run when a form is submitted
Video TrackingThe accuracy of the video tracking depends on whether or not you have turned off the progress bar.
Invoice (Trigger)The Invoice trigger provides workflow automation tailored to payment and invoice status, according to the user's specific requirements.
Abandoned CheckoutThe Abandoned Checkout trigger is designed to connect with customers who have spent a significant time browsing products on your website.
Order Form Submission"Order Form" is a form you put on your website or funnel for a checkout experience on a product or service.
Shopify TriggersAs you create workflows and incorporate workflow triggers, you'll discover a category referred to as Shopify Triggers.
Order SubmittedThe Order Submitted trigger is a powerful new workflow trigger that allows businesses to upsell customers after they have submitted an order
Pipeline Stage ChangedWhen an opportunity's pipeline stage is updated, the Pipeline Stage Change workflow trigger will be activated.
Product StartedTo configure the Product Started trigger, users are advised to click on the Add New Workflow Trigger button and choose product started
Product Access RemovedThe Product Access Removed trigger initiates a workflow when a customer's access to a specific product has been revoked.
Survey SubmittedThe Survey Submitted trigger is designed for specific actions after a lead submits a survey
Product CompletedTo configure the Product Completed trigger, users are advised to click on the Add New Workflow Trigger button and choose Product Completed.
Offer Access GrantedThe Offer Access Granted trigger comes into effect when a customer is granted access to a specific offer initiating the designated workflow.
Trigger Link ClickedThe Trigger Link Clicked automation is designed to automate actions after a customer clicks on a trigger link
Product Access GrantedThe Product Access Granted trigger comes into play when a customer receives access to a particular product, initiating the workflow.
Email EventsThis trigger is activated by specific email events, such as opens or clicks, that occur across the system or within a specific workflow
Membership New SignupThe Membership New Signup trigger initiates your workflow when a customer or potential lead subscribes for a membership.
Facebook Lead Form SubmittedThe Facebook Lead Form Submitted trigger will run your workflow when a Facebook form is submitted
MembershipIncludes category completed, new sign up, offer access granted/removed, product access granted/removed, product completed, and user login
Category StartedThe Category Started workflow trigger is activated when you start a category of particular products
Category CompletedThe Category Completed workflow trigger is activated when a category of particular products is completed.