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This allows you to cause something to happen when a contact record is created. It is fairly limited but still useful.

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The Contact Created trigger will allow the workflow to trigger when a contact is created. You can customise this trigger by adding filters such as tags or custom field data. To begin setup, click on the Add New Workflow Trigger button, and select Contact Created. Utilising this workflow is great for setting up workflows to add tags to contact or send follow-up messages after a form is submitted.

You will need to establish a workflow trigger and action to PUBLISH workflows. Without both, you can only save the workflow, not publish it.

Contact change trigger

Contact change trigger

Add Filters

Has Tag

To trigger workflows based on a specific tag, select this filter and choose a tag from the CRM. The workflow will activate only when the designated tag is allocated to the contact's record.

Trigger workflow if contact has tag

Trigger workflow if contact has tag

Custom Field

Select the relevant custom field to trigger the workflow when a contact submits data through a form on your website that collects information via a custom field. This will ensure that the workflow only fires when a contact completes the custom field with the required data.

Once you’ve added your trigger, you can add workflow steps such as sending SMS and/or email and assigning users.

Trigger workflow with custom value

Trigger workflow with custom value

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