Contact Tag (Trigger)

This allows you to cause something to happen when a contact tag is added or removed. It is fairly limited but still useful.

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You will need to establish a workflow trigger and action to PUBLISH workflows. Without both, you can only save the workflow, not publish it.

The Contact Tag workflow activates when a tag is added or removed from a contact within the CRM.

Tags are highly beneficial for organizing customer information and tracking which customers need follow-up. This feature also lets you move customers from one list/step to another based on activities or actions linked with the customer.

To begin setup, click Add New Workflow Trigger, then select Contact Tag under the Choose a Workflow Trigger dropdown.

Contact tag

Contact tag

Add Filters

Tag Added

To trigger the workflow when a tag is added to a contact, click the filters dropdown and select Tag Added. Next, select the tag you want to use as a trigger.

For Example, when a "Member-exclusive rewards" tag is added to a contact, the workflow is automatically triggered, and the next action is taken, i.e., sending them a "Thank you" SMS.

Select to add tag to workflow

Select to add tag to workflow

Tag Removed

You can also trigger a workflow when a tag is removed from a contact by selecting the Tag Removed filter, and selecting the tag.

For example, if a tag for a mailing list was removed, you can send a follow-up message to ensure they meant to unsubscribe, such as: "Hey John! We received your request to unsubscribe from our weekly updates. Your request has been approved! If you want to re-subscribe, click on the click below."

Select to remove tag to workflow

Select to remove tag to workflow

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