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With Call Status trigger you can cause events to happen within your system such as send you a text when a call comes in but doesn't connect

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The Call Status Trigger is a workflow trigger that runs on both outbound and inbound calls. This trigger can be activated by call directions and statuses either from the current workflow or from another workflow linked to it. Using this trigger, businesses can customise their workflows to automate specific actions based on call statuses, improving efficiency and streamlining their communication process.

Call status trigger

Call status trigger

All Filters

To get started, click on Add New Workflow Trigger and select Call Status. You can filter your trigger by clicking Add Filter and selecting Call Direction, Call Status, or In Workflow.

Call Direction

The Call Direction filter enables users to select the direction of the call, either as an incoming or outgoing call.

Incoming Call

Selecting the "Incoming" call, the workflow is triggered when a contact (new leads or old contacts) calls the number associated with this account.

Outgoing Call

Selecting the "Outgoing" call can allow you to track all the different call records of your sales team.

Select the call direction

Select the call directionCh

Call Status

The system automatically tracks the status of every call made and triggers them based on the status of the call:

  • The contact number could either be Busy when the call was made, or

  • The call got Cancelled, or

  • Were you able to complete the call (you successfully spoke with the lead/contact), or

  • The call was Not Answered, or

  • You were directed to the lead/contact Voicemail.

Select the call status

Select the call status

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