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This trigger can be used to sense either when a DND status is changed or when it is changed to a particular setting.

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The Contact DND trigger activates when a contact's DND flag is modified. The DND abbreviation stands for Do Not Disturb, a feature customers utilise to opt out of services they are no longer interested in receiving. DND can be turned on or off for emails, phone calls, SMS messages, GMB, and Facebook Messages, depending on the contact’s preferences.

You will need to establish a workflow trigger and action to PUBLISH workflows. Without both, you can only save the workflow, not publish it.

Contact DND

Contact DND

Add Filters

DND Flag Is

You can trigger a workflow when DND is either Enabled or Disabled on a contact. To add a filter, click on + Add Filters and select DND flag is. From here you can filter your workflow to trigger based on four different events:

  • Disabled for all channels

  • Disabled for all specific channels

  • Enabled DND for all channels

  • Enabled DND for specific channels

Disable or enable DND in al or specific channel

Disable or enable DND in al or specific channel

DND Channel Is

When you select the Disabled DND for specific channels or Enabled DND for specific channels trigger, you must also add the DND Channel Is filter to select the specific channel from the dropdown.

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