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Reports that you can access to view a good overview of engagement on the social profiles linked to your account

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This article covers Quick Reports within our Reporting & Comments dashboard, which are essentially basic reports that you can access to view a good overview of engagement on the social profiles linked to your user account, for specific social sites like Facebook and Instagram.

You can also create an aggregate report by selecting multiple social pages or accounts, e.g., you can select 5 Facebook Pages and view a report which includes the combined data for all five Facebook Pages, up to a limit of 10 in total.

How to create your report:

  1. Go to Reports on the top navigation bar, then select the Reports Hub from the drop-down

  2. Quick Reports are also always accessible on the left side menu of the Reports Hub.

  3. The Engagement report shows engagement performance across all your social media accounts.

  4. You can also select which type of social media Quick Report you would like to view from the main Reports Hub page.

  5. You will be able to select multiple accounts of the same type of profile so that the Quick Report will provide aggregate data based on those profiles. For example, all Facebook profiles.

    Important: For Google Analytics, it works slightly differently. You can select up to 10 websites to aggregate the data.

  6. Once you have selected all your profiles, click Generate Report to view the aggregate Quick Report.

  7. To print, you can click the Print icon as shown or click Save to copy the report to My Reports, where you can edit the report as per your exact requirements.Tip: To learn more about editing your own reports, please look at our article Create a Custom Report?

  8. You can also filter the reporting data by date.

    Note: The ability to select the current date when choosing a date range for the report will not be available. The ability to not choose the present day ensures that you have all the data for the selected date range without needing to wait for more data.

    Important: We can keep only 90 days of data across all social media accounts.

  9. Select the Refresh icon on a report to update it if data is not displaying in the module correctly.

  10. For more information on each Quick Report, please click on our Report cheat sheet button. This will open up a PDF guide for the report, explaining all the modules found in the report.


  11. You have the ability to edit and save the Quick Report. You can find this saved report within the Report Builder.

    Note: Report Builder is not available on the Creator or Starter plan.

You can also click the printer icon, and this will allow you to save the Quick Report regardless of which plan you are on.


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