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Join us for daily drop-ins
Join us for daily drop-ins
We run daily live training for our users so book your spot now and we'll see you there. Or you can select a one on one call if you prefer.
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Social media training every day of the week.

Our daily social media training sessions allow you to improve, stay abreast of winning tactics, and ask experts for help. Please book in using the links below and bring your questions or send them in via the chat button bottom right.

You can access video training on demand here or book below for daily drop-ins. If you have an immediate issue that you would like to talk about with us, please feel free to book a call.

Daily Drop-ins

🛠️ Monday 10am - How to improve your social media results

Every Monday session focuses on a specific section of Maybe* so you can learn how to use our scheduling, engagement, listening, reporting, and loyalty tools. >> Book now

Please note we don't do live training on UK Bank Holidays :)

Tuesday 10am - Getting started with social media.

Tuesday’s session is ideal if you’re getting started on social media. This session will give you the confidence to deliver business results from social media. >> Book now

Wednesday 10am - The best social media posts webinar.

Our webinar session explores the best-performing social media posts across all sectors. See the content that is cutting through and how businesses of any size can replicate the winning moves. New content each week. >>Book now

💙 Thursday 10am - Social ads for beginners

Thursday always is dedicated to getting businesses started with social media advertising. You can come and learn how to set up your Ads Manager and use the audience we build for you to boost your posts too. We will show you how to measure your performance and tweak your campaigns to improve your results. >>Book now

💸 Friday 10am - Advanced Facebook/Instagram Ads

Finish up your week with a masterclass in how to leverage how you use social media advertising. See how to run the right kind of ads, tighten up your targeting and generate impressive returns on investment. Hosted advertising experts who bust the jargon and debunk the myths of social media advertising. >>Book now

Remember you can also ask us questions 24/7 using the chat icon bottom right.

If you want to access training at another time, you can access video training on demand here.

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