Did you know that over half of the world’s population is on social media? This makes it a quick and inexpensive way to reach current and potential followers.

Here’s a round-up of how social media can benefit your business:

People follow businesses and organisations they like and can relate to

To connect with your audience you need to show who you are and why you're worth following - social media allows you to do this at scale.  

Keep up your good reputation

By using social media you can find out what your audience are saying about you, build lasting relationships with them and deal with any negative feedback quickly. 

Find new followers 

You can find new followers online every day by posting great content. Use hashtags to attract new people, ask your followers to share your posts on Facebook, engage in relevant online conversations and spread the word far and wide. 

Learn about your own audience

Find out what your audience do and don’t like and adjust your strategy accordingly - don’t be afraid to ask your audience questions.

Watch your competition 

Easily see what your competitors are up to from the comfort of your home - see what content they’re sharing and what is resonating with their audience to influence your own social media content. 

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