In order to make social media work for you, it is important to choose a platform that suits your business.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Brand : What are you trying to sell/achieve? Does it lend itself to a more visual platform or quick response platform?

  • Audience : Who is your target audience and what platforms are they using? You need to be showing up where your customers are;

  • Budget : Do you have any budget? Some platforms benefit more from paid advertising;

  • Time : Do you have the skills and time to maintain the channel? Will you need to outsource management and content creation, affecting your budget? It's much better to do one or two platforms really well, than spread yourself too thinly and do multiple platforms badly.

More visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest work well for eye-catching products, where you can inspire by sharing images or videos of these in a lifestyle context.

Facebook is a platform that a wide range of people of all ages use, so great to reach a broad range of demographics. It's also great for targeted ads, aiming for a particular geographical area, age range or interest.

Twitter is great for building relationships, conversations and having a voice in your sector.

Linked In is ideal to reach other relevant professionals and build connections with these.

After you have thought about the points above, you can then start to filter out the best platform for your business. Remember, it’s better to focus on doing one or two platforms well, than try and do more if you have limited time or resource.

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