When you hear digital it’s easy to assume this means e-commerce. When, in fact, digital influence has little to do with e-commerce. 

Digital influence is about conservation and engaging with customers online, leading to increased footfall in store.

LUSH is a high street brand we all know; however, on first glance they may not be the obvious choice for a strong digital presence. After all, when your USP is a smell, how do you take that online?

Most of LUSH’s product line is not available online. Rather, they are using digital influence to drive footfall into their stores. 

In fact, in 2019 they made the bold move to switch up their social and invest more heavily in owned platforms, 'where we have seen stronger engagement' to 'open up the conversation’ between the brand and its customers. So owned platforms like Lush Player and Lush.com are the focus, using brand hashtags like #LushCommunity #Lush, #LushLabs and #LushMakeup.

LUSH created the LUSH Player to bring their shoppers closer to all elements of their brand: interviews with inspiring activists, behind the scene videos featuring Q&A’s with product developers, videos advocating for environmental issues and product chain transparency. And so much more. They’re not focusing on selling more online; instead, they’re focusing on conversation and connection with their shoppers, which is leading to double digital growth on the high street. 

Starbucks are one of the most engaging brands online, creating successful online communities and engaging with followers daily online. Read here How Starbucks Built an Engaging Brand on Social Media.

What can you take away to increase footfall to your own store?

  1. Remember, digital DOES NOT equal e-commerce. 
  2. What may feel mundane to you could be of interest to your shoppers. Would you have ever thought people would want to watch a bath bomb fizz set to music from Lush? And yet they do, by the thousands. What’s your bath bomb equivalent?
  3. Let people feel close to your brand - showcase behind the scenes. Why not host a Facebook Live or an Instagram Live on unboxing your latest products arrivals? 
  4. Frequency: post new content constantly. We know that the more active you are online the greater the impact on your digital influence. 
  5. Don’t be defined by only one aspect of your USP. If your customer service is outstanding, make sure to echo this online by responding to Twitter questions and comments quickly. If your shop plays fantastic music, why not make a Spotify list your shoppers can listen to at home? If you feature local suppliers and brands that inspire you, share behind the scenes information with your shoppers about why you stock the brands you do. #
  6. Engage, LOTS!

Digital influence is about engaging your customers; it’s about providing a conversation that resonates with them. The more you do this, the more likely people will be to come and visit you in store, too. 

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