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Comprehensive Customer Support and 24/7 Technical Support
Comprehensive Customer Support and 24/7 Technical Support

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We offer a comprehensive range of customer support calls through our Customer Support Centre.

Whether you're new to Maybe* or need in-depth assistance, we provide daily sessions focusing on key features.

Training Topics include:

  • Onboarding your business to get set up on the Maybe* platform.

  • Using Personalised AI to enhance business communication.

  • Guidance on social media scheduling and AI-powered content creation.

  • Assistance with email marketing, CRM, pipelines, and more.

  • Sessions on getting set up with and scaling Ads.

  • Social media best practice.

These sessions happen every day of the week,

Join sessions as needed and access expert help anytime. For more details, visit the Maybe* Customer Support Centre.

24/7 Technical Support

Live Daily Training sessions: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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