The Maybe* team have a schedule of zoom meetings each day that help you get the most out of our platform and social media. Please jump on a call as many times as you like and we can help you improve the results you achieve.

Please download and save your own copy of the " 10 Steps to Social media Sucess".

We will use it on your training calls.

10 am: Daily onboarding calls for businesses

10am every morning throughout the week at the Maybe* team is available on zoom to help people see how the Maybe* platform can help them improve the results they achieve from social media.

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10 am Wednesday: Weekly Webinar: What's working Best on Social Media

Join us as we go on a weekly tour of the UK looking at what content is working best for a wide range of businesses. It's live, fun and provides fresh new insights every week.

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2pm Thursday. Social Media Masterclass

Paid Maybe* users have access to our one on one help for ad campaigns and workshops on tactics that deliver game-changing results. Upgrade to access.

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