Ways To Avoid The Spam Folder When Emailing

Ways To Avoid The Spam Folder When Emailing

Written by Sarah Bassett
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There are many reasons for an email service provider to potentially flag your emails as spam. Here you will find the most common reasons why and how to fix them!

Email service providers may categorise your emails as spam due to several factors. Some of the most prevalent reasons include sending emails from a public domain, adhering to DMARC policies, maintaining list health and collection practices, and transmitting internal mail. By being aware of these potential triggers, you can take appropriate measures to ensure that your emails are delivered to the intended recipients without being marked as spam, thus maintaining effective communication.

Sending From a Public Domain

If you send emails from free domains such as gmail.com or yahoo.com, your messages may end up in the spam folder. To avoid this, ensure that you send emails from a domain that you own and that matches your branding.


If the domain you use to send emails has a DMARC policy, but you haven't verified the domain with your SMTP provider, your messages will likely go to spam. Check with your SMTP provider to ensure that your email messages pass DMARC.

List Health & List Collection

If the technical aspects above are in order, list health and collection are the essential factors determining deliverability. Ensure that:

  • Everyone on your list has given explicit consent to receive email marketing from you,

  • Cold subscribers are regularly removed from your list,

  • You have secured your forms with double opt-in.

Sending Internal Mail

If you send messages within the same domain from which the message originates, your internal mail may end up in spam. This is because your mailbox thinks it's being spoofed as it sees an email from itself that it didn't send. To avoid this, use a free email such as Gmail.com to test your message or have the person in charge of your domain whitelist the IP address of your SMTP provider for internal mail.

By addressing these common issues, you can improve your email campaign's deliverability and effectiveness and reduce the risk of being flagged as spam.

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