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If you find editing email content overwhelming, we'll show you how to craft a promotional email.

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Edit Your Email Content

If you find editing email content overwhelming, don't worry; we'll show you how easy it can be!

You will be presented with a multitude of options and tools to start crafting your promotional email the way you want it. You can choose from existing templates, customise templates already available or even craft your own details such as font type and size, along with background colours, too.

These are the quick features you can access respectively;

  1. Add Element

  2. Manage Element

  3. Appearance

  4. A/B Testing

Edit section

Edit section

Edit Block

By clicking on the edit button of a block, it will reveal the block's features that enable you to modify the layout, padding, background type, colour, and body pattern. These editing options offer you greater control and customisation over the appearance of your email template, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs and preferences.

Edit block for each layouts

Edit block for each layouts


To save time and effort, you can clone a block by simply clicking on the "clone" icon, which looks like two squares. This way, you don't have to rebuild the block from scratch. Cloning allows you to quickly replicate an existing block and make any necessary modifications, streamlining the email creation process.

Click to duplicate this block

Click to duplicate this block


You can decide to make the template visible on a mobile device or laptop/desktop by clicking on the mobile or desktop icon. When you click on either the desktop or mobile icon, you will notice a slash-through that will show that the element is NOT visible on that type of device.

Click to decide which device gets visibility of the block

Click to decide which device gets visibility of the block


To remove a block, simply click on the "delete" button. This option allows you to easily get rid of any unwanted blocks while editing your email template.

Click to delete block

Click to delete blockDrag

Add Layout

To begin creating your email template or adding layouts to an existing one, the first step is to select a layout block and drag it to the template workspace.

This simple drag-and-drop feature allows you to seamlessly add various layout options to your email template and customise them to meet your specific needs.

The image below shows a full-width layout block and you can also see all its Settings on the left-hand side of the block.

Drag and drop to add layout

Drag and drop to add layout

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