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Activate Google My Business Chat
Activate Google My Business Chat

In this article we're going to see how to use triggers to reply in google my business chat.

Written by Danni Harris
Updated over a week ago

Connecting the GMB page to your CRM

Before sending and receiving GMB messages in your CRM, make sure you have connected the respective Google My Business page to your CRM. Here's how to integrate your GMB page into your CRM.

Sending messages to the GMB page

As shown in the screenshot below, your clients can search for your business on google and select the "Chat" option to chat with your business from their phone.

Customer Replied

Depending on the messaging you have saved in your CRM, your customer gets a greetings message just like the one shown in the image below.

You can create a workflow for GMB messages according to your business objectives.

In-App Conversation

The messages you have received via the GMB page will appear in the Conversations section of your CRM. As shown in the image below, GMB messages will have a G sign on them. You can respond to these messages from the Conversation menu inside of your CRM.

Sending GMB Message

This tab will open up your message box for you to type your message.

GMB Message

As shown in the image, you can type your message based on the customer query you have received through your GMB page.

Adding Files

Use this tab to attach files to your message.

Collapsing Message Bar

This will collapse the message bar.

Sending Payment Request

This tab will allow you to create a quick invoice and send the payment link to your client through GMB chat. We will go through those steps one by one.

Sending Message

Use this tab to send your message.

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